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Gurans Herbaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. wants the different in Nepalese Herbaceuticals Industry, constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality and affordable medicines to support patients in need. Young & energetic Nepalese entrepreneurs came together to invest in a common vision to develop Ayurveda in Nepal, and created Gurans Herbaceuticals. We have been fulfilling the World Health Organization’s (WHO) on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Established in 2075 B.S (2019 A.D). Gurans Herbaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is founded on a deep sense of National Pride and the conviction to make a contribution to our country’s self-reliance in the field of Herbaceuticals formulations. We view ourselves as an integrated part of society and our philosophy is to grow along with our all stakeholders by safeguarding the environment. Gurans is mainly concerned with the manufacturing of Ayurveda products which includes Solid, Semi-Solid, Avaleha, Liquid forms for oral uses and Oil, Ointment forms for external uses. We have incorporated the latest technology in the industry to produce the best quality products. Our products guarantee total assurance of drug safety and comply with International quality standards. Being a professional-managed company, we assure our customers of prompt service and the timely delivery of products at their location. The formulation facility has been certified by the Department of Drug Administration (DDA) and the plant is built in accordance with the guidelines of international regulatory bodies like WHO. All the activities of the factory are carried out in dedicated areas within a controlled environment as per GMP conditions comparable with International regulations. We focused on Research and development for quality improvement, modifications and innovations.

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