Evatone Syrup

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Evatone Syrup, A non-hormonal medicicament is prepared for oral administration from pure and fresh vegetable drug which are more powerful in their efficacy in amenorrhoea and dymenorrhoea having beneficial effect on endocrine glands relating to sex-organs. The alkaloids and steroids of evatone are assismilated into the blood stream through the vascular capillaries in the villi of intenstine and stimulate the basophil cells of anterior pituitary. The cyclic activity of ovary corresponds with cyclic changes in the uterus and vagina and this is regulated by the normal secretion of anterior pituitary, gonadotrophic hormones. These follicular stimulating and luteinizing hormones are responsible for the onset of ovarian activity with liberation of oestrogen and progresterone. These hontiones (ovarian) bring the growth of the myometrium and endometrium with cyclinal changes in menstruation. Thus the drug breaks down hypertrophid endometrium causing normal flow of menstrual blood.

Action & Benefits:
Improves hormonal level.
Enhances folliculogenesis and ovulation, prepares the womb for conception and prevents miscarriages.
Has a stimulating effect on the endometrium and ovarian tissue.
Makes the womb stronger and helps in easy conception
Possesses antioxidant properties thus prevent oxidative stress .

Unexplained Infertility,
Irregular Menstruation,
Secondary Amenorrhea

2 teaspoonful with equal amount of water twice a day

Bottles of 450 ml packing.



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