Urogreen Syrup

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One of the active principle of  Urogreen is Punarnative. There are large quantities of Potassium nitrate and other Potassium salts present in this plant. The dieresis is mainly due to the action of the alkaloids on the glomeruli of the kidneys through the heart, increasing the beat and strength and raising the peripheral blood pressure in consequence. In case of oedema and ascites due to early liver, peritoneal and kidney conditions, the drug appears to be very beneficial. The drug is found to be useful in the treatement of nephriotic syndrome. Besides relief in oedema, patients also show overall improvement, such as decrease in albuminuria, rise in serum protein and fall in serum cholesterol level. It includes a very marked and persistent diiuresis.

Indications :

  • Renal Calculi,
  • Burning Micturition,
  • Crystalluria,
  • Ureteric Calculi,
  • Urinary Tract Infection

Adults : 1-2tsf thrice a day
Children :1/2 -1tsf twice a day
Bottles of 200 ml/ 450 ml packing.

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